torsdag 1 december 2016

In English: I am going fishing

Kortfilmsklubben engelska

Kortfilmsklubben: The Gidji (8 min)

1. Vocabulary:
 Bathers
 To rub your “junk”
 A bunch of stuff
 It’s pretty shit (this could mean different things depending on how you say it)

Read through the questions aloud before watching the film. After watching: discuss in groups!

2. In what country do you think they are? What makes you think so?

3. What is the music in the movie like? What kind of instruments do you think are used? Does this remind you of any other type of music?

4. When you first saw the toes – what did you think had happened?

5. What has happened to the boy in the sand?

6. Why do you think the boy in the hat cares so much about getting back at the two surfers?

7. Do you think the boy in the hat and the one in the sand are brave or cowards? Motivate your answer.

8. Have you or someone you know felt a similar type of fear that the two surfers feel at the end of the film? What happened that time? (Or tell about any other time that you were really scared)

After discussing: be creative!
1. Pretending to be the boy in the hat, write a letter to the surfers’ parents.
2. Come up with a different way of getting back at the surfers and act out your idea in front of the class.
3. Learn more about your own school’s anti-bullying program. Together, discuss if there could be improvements made to it.

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