onsdag 11 januari 2017

In English: Madam Black


Before watching - Vocabulary:
storyline - handling, röd tråd
flyer - broschyr
twat - i det här sammanhanget: någon som är oförskämd och uppkäftig
paws - tassar
garbage can - soptunna
messy - stökig, oordnad
the takaway - snabbmatställe
sunstroke - solsting
characters - karaktärer
tomcat - hankatt
tomboy - pojkflicka
scam - lurendrejeri

Here you can practise on the vocabulary:  https://glosor.eu/ovning/madam-black.6953346.html
Start with "Lär dig orden!"

After watching - Talk in pairs: 
1. What does the opening scene make you think?
2. Re-tell the storyline using the following words: man, woman, accident, girl, uncle, fridge, feelings.
3. What does: “2 sittings to the price of one” mean?
4. When leaving the house in the opening scenes, the man swears. Why, do you think?
5. What would you have said if it happened to you?
6. What is the man’s profession? What makes you think so?
7. Why does he say: “She’s gone on a little holiday”?
8.  Explain why you have to say: “There are lots of rats to eat” and not: “There is lots of rats to eat”.
9. What does the man keep in his fridge?
10. Does that say anything about his life style?
11. Why do you think the man gets more and more involved in the scam?
12. Re-tell at least 3 things that the man has to do in order to pull the scam off.
13. How does his profession help him?
14. How can you tell the mom changes her opinion of the man?
15. Why do you think she does?
16. How does he feel when he reads the last post card to the girl?
17. What does she feel and why?
18. Why do you think all the adults stick to the lie?

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