torsdag 26 januari 2017

In English: The fake

We watch the film The fake:


pay - betala
money - pengar
movie - film
wife - fru, maka
husband - man, make
fake - förfalskning
suspicious - misstänksam
reviews - recensioner
wise guy - här: näsvis, uppkäftig
a discount - rabatt
policy - regler
to “get robbed blind” - att “bli skinnad”
license - licens, tillstånd
driver’s license - körkort
to earn - att tjäna
busted - haffad
customer - kund
template - mall
a bouncer - en vakt, till exempel en ordningsvakt
a buck - en amerikansk dollar
in the long run - i långa loppet
answer - svara

Here you can practise the words:

Before the film - Discuss in pairs: 
1. Have you or anyone you know used a fake ID? What happened?
2. When is it OK or not to lie to a parent or guardian? Motivate your answer.
3. Could it sometimes be OK for parents or guardians to lie to their children, or never? Motivate your answers.

Bildresultat för id alaska

After watching - Talk in pairs: 
1. When reading the name of the film, whom in the movie do you think of?
2. What happened when Norm tried to pay for the movie the first time, going with his wife?
3. Why did the young man get suspicious?
4. Why did Norm not enjoy the movie?
5. How much money did Norm actually earn at the film when using his fake ID?
6. How much is that, more or less, in Swedish crowns?
7. How much did a fake ID cost?
8. How much is that in Swedish crowns?
9. How did the young man know the truth?
10. In the end, do you think it was worth the money?
11. What could be the reason why the fake ID stated: “Alaska”?
12. Norm’s last words are: “Don’t tell my wife”. Do you think he could have or should have said anything else, in order to get in to the cinema? If so, what? What would you have answered?

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