fredag 13 oktober 2017

In English: Cool graffiti

Här hittar du filmen:

particular särskild
(soda)pop läsk
character karaktär
a stall bås (på toaletten)

Before watching: Talk in pairs!

  • Do you remember when you were little and got to do something for the first time that made you feel big? What was it? 
  • On the other hand, in what situations or with whom do you feel that you act smaller than your age? 
  • Have you or anyone you know worked with graffiti? What do you think of graffiti as art? 

During the film: 

Note what feelings you get during some of the different scenes, rooms, or when you see some different characters.

After watching – talk with a friend!

1. Why do you think the film is called: “Big Boy”?
2. One by one, remember all the different characters in the film and describe them as well as you can.
3. What do you first think will happen when the boy meets the gang?
4. What greeting does the boy get from the gang?
5. Why do you think the gang respects him?
6. Did you notice the good-bye gesture made by one of the gang members, using his right hand? Do you use any gestures in specific greetings with anyone? What gesture, and with whom?
7. What did the gang do to the parents’ car?
8. There are some really disgusting stalls in the bathroom. Would you have used them if you had to? If you wouldn’t, then what would you have done instead?
9. Have you been to some place where the bathroom was different from the standard Swedish public bathroom? Describe it!
10. What did you like the best with the film? What did you like the least? Why?
11. What did you think of the parent? Why?
12. Do you think the scenes with the clean bathroom were before or after the film was made? Why?

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